Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Through our work together, we will explore the drive behind your actions and feelings; this process also unearths opportunities for long-lasting transformation. Increased self-awareness leads frequently to greater self-acceptance and self-control. It should also help you craft a positive vision for your life that motivates and inspires you.

"A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five."- Groucho Marx -

Through therapy, children and their parents may discover breakthroughs that resolve most issues. Here are signs that child/teen counseling may help:

  • Does your child or teen’s behavior danger himself/herself or others?
  • Does your child or teen seem sad, angry, or anxious frequently?
  • Does your child or teen’s behavior interfere with regular family functioning and activities?
  • Is your relationship or marriage strained by your child or teen’s behavior?
  • Do you feel “out of answers” and are unsure what to do?
  • Are you concerned your child or teen exhibits signs of hyperactivity, learning disability, or autism?

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