Sheidheda was born given that an excellent Nightblood named Malachi and ultimately became a chief of Grounders

Early Life

He had been including Sangedakru’s ideal winner. As opposed to after the teachings from their Flamekeeper, he felt like the fresh Flamekeeper is actually seeking to manage your. The guy fundamentally turned impatient and you can murdered their own Flamekeeper. The guy fundamentally murdered about three Flamekeepers prior to being killed themselves of the his last.

During Indra’s youngsters, he had been the fresh new Frontrunner and you can got Trikru home, the guy butchered whoever wouldn’t kneel as well as their families. Indra’s dad passed away from the race, but her mother bowed so you’re able to Sheidheda which Indra imagine the lady poor to possess.

About Queen’s Gambit, in the conversation between Murphy and you can Sheidheda, it absolutely was showed that the newest Flamekeepers banded together with her so you’re able to eliminate Sheidheda on account of their tyrannical tips, causing Sheidheda’s passing by give away from his last Flamekeeper.

In the Collection

About Youngsters away from Gabriel, Madi mentions so you’re able to Gaia you to when you find yourself experiencing for the past Commanders, she has become hearing a commander whom scares her. Gaia indicates that it is Sheidheda – the fresh Ebony Commander and you will asks Madi to end your.

In the Souvenir Mori, Madi are communing with the other Commanders along with Sheidheda. Gaia says so you’re able to Josephine Lightbourne (pretending as Clarke) one Sheidheda gets as well solid plus they need carry out brand new Breakup Ritual to avoid your. Josie ignores Gaia’s information and you may gets Madi upwards quickly. Up coming, the newest Ebony Commander initiate revealing himself so you’re able to Madi and if she seems regarding the mirrors. Immediately following realizing what are you doing, Gaia tells Madi that they need to perform some Breakup Routine correct away so you can telephone call on others commanders to stop Sheidheda.

Inside the ritual, Madi finds herself into the a-room no that but Sheidheda. Sheidheda informs Madi one Gaia are sleeping in order to their in check so you’re able to limitation the woman. He informs her one his or her own professor familiar with handle him also so, he killed him. The guy appetite Madi to help you destroy Gaia. Madi declines and you may gets up. Later, shortly after discovering you to definitely Clarke are lifeless, Sheidheda convinces Madi you to Gaia would be to fault for Clarke’s dying. The oasis activeprofiel zoeken guy requires Madi in order to kill Gaia but Madi banishes the lady instead. Capitalizing on Madi’s anger and you will suffering, Sheidheda agrees to aid publication Madi inside her journey so you’re able to eliminate this new Primes.

From the Old-man together with Anomaly, Madi notices Sheidheda while the she talks about killing the brand new Primes together with her members of the family and you may efficiently committing genocide through to Sanctum. When they will not help the girl, Madi enacts her intend on her very own not as much as Sheidheda’s dictate.

For the Matryoshka, Sheidheda will continue to influence Madi so you’re able to madness to the point one Gaia means killing Madi to prevent Sheidheda from being loosed upon the world which would cause them to really miss the times off Blodreina. Given that others try to get solutions away from Madi, Sheidheda requests the woman to share with her or him nothing. Raven Reyes understands that Sheidheda was able to separate brand new spirits from one other Commanders, somehow manipulating new AI in the Flame to do it. Raven implies that consequently the password throughout the brains of your Commanders can be removed and so they may possibly get eliminate Sheidheda for good. Raven instructions Gaia to visit score get Becca’s book to see in the event that her principle is right.

Inside the Ashes so you can Ashes, when you find yourself Madi try fastened so you can withdraw bone marrow having Nightblood serum, Sheidheda wishes the lady to destroy Jackson however, Madi resists. Playing chess that have Madi in the Flame’s mindspace, Sheidheda claims you to definitely Madi is to kill group in Sanctum and you may rule more brand new business identical to the guy governed over their industry (Earth). Madi doesn’t want so you’re able to kill anybody else in addition to the Primes but Sheidheda insists they must destroy whoever betrays them or really stands in their way obtaining revenge for Clarke. Madi believes and you may asks him exactly what she should do next.